While getting her business engineer degree she started her own coaching business which rapidly evolved to a leading name in Belgium. She now combines her own experiences as a business engineer and health coach to help others lift their life and business. 

FastForwardAmy gives you the shortcuts you need to make complicated stuff simple and she can help her clients worldwide to a digital income because of her knowledge of digital and social media marketing.

Amy provides programs and resources both on boosting your health as well as boosting your personal brand with online business strategies.

Who is Amy?

Amy Vandeputte a.k.a. FastForwardAmy, teaches women worldwide to become the strongest, healthiest and happiest version of themselves. Her online coaching platform and instagram account with over 60.000 followers inspire and empower you to do one thing: lift your life. 

Do you want to lift your life and business? Are you a hard working woman who needs a community of people with the same needs?

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