But not entirely.

The real reason?

You ate more than your previous bodyweight could handle.

Say what now?

You didn't gain weight because you ate too many carbs, but because you ate more than your previous bodyweight could handle.

Calories in > Calories out = weight gain.

Calories come in through many different forms, not just carbs. Alcohol is a fun way to quickly take in a lot of calories too! So are social events, mindless snacking, eating from large plates, eating out of boredom, getting a late-night snack… Did someone say pizza?

We've all heard the diet fads, crazy detoxes and stories of ‘your aunt's best friend lost 10 kilos because she cut out all bread and pasta from her diet‘.

Now we think carbohydrates are the DEVIL – disguised in crispy, golden goodness.

Then this happens…

I give a client nutrition guidelines for fatloss and I tell him/her to focus on calories and protein:

“But Amy, what about carbs? I should make sure to avoid all carbs because they're BAD, right?”

My answer?


  1. Carbs are not fattening.
  2. You need to eat the appropriate amount of calories and protein for your body.
  3. If you have calories left, and you are hitting your protein guidelines? Choose where you spend your leftover calories. Give them to carbs, fats, alcohol… I don't really care*. Literally: I texted an online client of mine this morning, after she asked me how many cappuccinos she could drink, and I said ‘I don't care, as long as you make it work in your total daily intake‘.

*There are exceptions to this statement which I am not covering in this specific article.


What happened?

Because of diet fads and a variety of magazine articles, combined with chatter amongst friends and co-workers, carbs have been made out to be the devil.

My advice to you?

  1. Stop worrying about carbs. 

  2. Start tracking your protein and calorie intake.

Hit your calorie and protein targets and you're well on your way to ‘FAST FORWARD TO A BETTER BODY'.

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