Because I am.

In today's day and age… everyone seems to be in control, living a perfect life.

Unless someone goes balistic in their facebook status, we perceive everyone else as ‘having their sh*t together‘.

I don't have my sh*t together, do you?

I mean, I'm just winging it – all the time.

I created a business out of thin air. And although it's amazing and I love it – winging it is not always an easy feat.

Every step I take, is into the unknown.

I never know if what I do, will work or not.

I'm just giving it my best.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed, and it takes me a while to realize which feelings I'm experiencing.

Most of the time?

I feel anxious, because I'm scared.

And I see my clients going through the same emotions.

We worry, we get nervous, we feel uncomfortable…

Because we fear we might fail.

Because we fear we can't prove ourselves.

Because we fear it won't work.

Because we fear we will let someone down.

Resist or accept

When I finally figure out what's going on in my head, I have two choices:

1. Resist

2. Accept

The funny thing is: once I accept the fear?

I can lean into it. I can use it.

I use fear to fuel me, to perform. I won't run away from fear, I will use its energy to drive me forward.

Don't get fooled: everyone who has ever gotten somewhere, hasn't gotten there because they were fearless. They got there because they were relentless.

You give it your best because you care.

You care so much, you want it so much, it even scares you.

Whatever you're scared of – be it starting a new diet, looking for a job, or opening yourself up to someone…

Feel it, lean into it, and use it to propel you forward.