How to Start Prioritizing Yourself More

The alarm goes off.
You pick up our phone, turn off the alarm and let new information flood in. Scroll. Click. Double tap.
Because after all, we’re addicted to this, right?

Are You Scared?

In today’s day and age… everyone seems to be in control, living a perfect life. We perceive everyone else as ‘having their sh*t together’.

Can We Just ‘Be’?

In today’s overly present world… There’s lots of judgement. Lots of interaction. Lots of opinions.

Just Do It

I grew up discussing ideas. I grew up learning that any idea, however bizarre, was worth exploring. I grew up believing in ourself.

Doing the Bare Minimum

It’s difficult right now to focus on your health – SO MUCH temptation to eat unhealthy and SO LITTLE time to workout.