In today's overly present world…

There's lots of judgement.

Lots of interaction.

Lots of opinions.

“Oh, you're experiencing stress? You should really stop working so much.”

“Oh, your relationship is not going well? You should probably break up.”

“You should…”

“Have you thought about…”

“You need to…”

Let me tell you…

There's a time and place for help, coaching and changing.

But do you know something else?

It's also possible to just be for a bit. We don't need to fix everything. We don't need to change everything.

Sometimes we can just be. Sometimes we lie on the couch and watch 3 chickflicks back-to-back. Sometimes we stop caring about the way we look or replying to messages on time. Sometimes we choose to spend 36 hours in our pyjamas.

So, in today's world, can we just be?

And not solve, judge or change? There is SO much self-improvement, #fitspo and motivation all around us, but… you're allowed to choose how you feel.

You're allowed to feel like you want to feel. Don't let today's overly present world feel like you're not allowed to ‘be'.

Do you. Be you.


[This is my Monday rant – I might not even leave this up here.]