Remember a couple of weeks ago when I was talking about the ‘Dark Season?

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It's difficult right now to focus on your health – SO MUCH temptation to eat unhealthy and SO LITTLE time to workout.

Do you know this one?

I have to say – I sort of disagree!

Yes, it's important to focus on your health all year long. But the entire month of december with various festivities in different cultures, make you feel like you should go into ‘fuckit'mode ALL THE TIME.

Leftover pie?

Sure, I'll take it home and eat it the day after.

Too tired because of all the social events? 

Yeah, I won't workout today cause I need to restup for tomorrow night when we need to go out…

How can you fix this mindset trap?

Do the bare minimum you can do.

You CAN:

  • Prioritize sleep and leave the party a bit earlier so you feel refreshed the day after. People might give you crap about it – but it's your body and it's not like you weren't there at all.
  • Propose to drive – so you can't really drink either way. (Hacking yourself – I use this all the time because I love my vino but don't drink & drive! That way I can't arrive there and give in… Because you know – “I deserve it after a long day and we're here now“.)
  • Say ‘NO' to taking the leftovers home. You're screwing yourself over, just don't take them with you.
  • Healthy groceries. All the veggies, fruit and protein you can manage to put in the fridge. So when you have cravings after getting used to less healthy versions of food, you can't do anything else but just fall back on the good stuff you have already stocked your kitchen with.
  • Go outside for a walk. Doing a workout feels impossible, right? Just go for a walk, even if it's ten minutes. You'll feel a whole lot better. Maybe buy a dog so you HAVE to walk. Haha, just kidding. Maybe.

Whenever I'm stressed, overwhelmed or just don't know where to start…

I have a ‘bare minimum' rule for myself.

What's the bare minimum that needs to get done – or I can actually manage to do today?

Then I do those things and let go of the ‘shoulds' in my head.

I ‘should' do so many things – but I also NEED recovery.

Replace your SHOULDS for your NEEDS

It can be your gamechanger this year.

Let me know in the comments below what your bare minimum activities are – I would love to learn a couple of new tricks!

Have a great day and remember to Lift Your Life,