“Fuck It”Mode: The Trap

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[Enjoy Guilt-Free Holidays – Part 4/5]

Have you ever been stuck in the “fuck itmode?

I know I have, especially during the Holidays!

It’s the biggest trap we can fall into healthwise and a hard one to get out of.

The “fuck it”mode goes a little something like this…

You eat/drink too much on one occasion. Because you feel worse and lethargic, you decide nothing matters anymore. You don’t care about fitness and looking good anymore. You don’t even want to feel good anymore. Or at least for the moment, you decide to ignore what you previously thought you wanted. You throw out your good resolutions and decide to just go on into full-on self-destruction.

The unofficial “fuck it”mode definition:

  • When you decide our fitness lifestyle doesn’t matter anymore.
  • You might as well go to the store for extra cookies and ice-cream and flush it away with wine and tequila shots while calling Uber Eats for pizza.
  • You would also rather not show yourself to anyone in your underwear while in this mode.


Now, after establishing how familiar this sounds, you must be wondering…

How can I get out of the “fuck it”mode once I get stuck?

I’ll be back tomorrow to tell you all about the “fuck it”mode fix!

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