I love what I do.

The thing I live for is helping others reach their goals in life. Literally.

I'd love to see you grow stronger, both mentally and physically.

See you become proud of who you are. Live with energy, sleep well and smile more. All the while looking more sexy 😉

I want you to Lift Your Life.1239004-copy

In 2011, my oldest brother Timothy gave me 10 books on weightlifting and nutrition.

I walked into the gym to lift weights for the first time. I felt insecure and didn't know what to do.

Timothy had given me a list with barbell and dumbbell exercises to perform. I brought a friend.

We had NO CLUE what we were doing.

Were we doing it right? Was this where we were supposed to stand? In front of the mirror? Was I getting in the way of other people? The guys in the gym were giving us a lot of looks. “What are those girls doing?!” – Or maybe I just felt like they were giving us those looks haha.

We started to feel empowered, because we still had each other. Giving up was not an option. We pushed through. We asked for help if we didn't know how to perform an exercise. We spent hours there. Laughing, messing up, but slowly getting stronger and leaner.

booksI started devouring more books than calories, constantly reading articles and watching videos. I spent hours in the grocery store checking out labels. I wanted to figure out how this worked.

I didn't get it right from the start, obviously. I remember an awful conversation with my brother when I didn't comprehend what he meant about my calorie goals.

Amy: “How do you mean 40% protein? But my goal is in calories? How do I know how much protein I need?”
Timothy (only slightly annoyed by his little sister): “Protein makes up a part of your calories. You should divide your calories and percentages and then you know how much of each you're getting.”
Amy: “Huh. I don't get it. I still don't know how much protein I need to eat. Pff. I feel stupid.”

You can guess, this was not an easy road. I read a lot. Discovered new things. It consumed my life, I spent all of my free time on studying this – to me – new concept.

img_3424Fast Forward to 2016, and I've coached over 80 people to successfully reach their goals, in fitness and in life.

The reason why I started? After a lot of studying, researching and implementing, I knew what to do.

More importantly: I knew how to help others. It seemed like such a shame to have other people go through the same things.

I didn't want others to try cardio 30min a day, not eat sugar, eat only soup for dinner… in an attempt to achieve their goals. I wanted to make a shortcut. Give my knowledge away, so others would have an easier road to follow. Reach goals faster. More efficiently. More ups, less downs.

I want to be your coach, right here. This is where I tell my story, my clients' story. I will share everything I know that will help you reach your goals with you.

Lift Your Life.

I truly hope we can Lift Your Life together.


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