Do you want to know about the Big Secret to Fast Fatloss?

(Have you already checked out What is the Best Exercise to Lose Weight? Go and have a look!)

There are 2 major things you need to know. (Not a fan of reading? Skip to the end for the recap.


In the previous article, you discovered weightloss is the result of a deficit.

Creating a deficit means: eating less food than your body is burning on a given day!

This input < output principle is the foundation of every successful diet book out there.

Got it? No?deficit-input-output

Ok, quick recap:

Every day you are active. You walk, talk, sit, drive, work,… and you burn calories by doing that => OUTPUT

You're also eating and drinking. Those are calories you're ingesting => INPUT


Geeking out: Let's say you burn 2000 calories and you eat 1500 calories, then your deficit = output – input = 2000 – 1500 = 500 calories.

The second principle for Fast Fatloss is pretty genius though…

weight-scaleYou said ‘weight'loss? Yes? But you really mean FATloss, right?

If you just focus on the deficit, you are going to lose weight.

Unfortunately for you, that means you are not only losing fat. You're also losing the good stuff. You are losing muscle, and you are burning less calories.

What usually happens when you stop dieting?


Most of the time going on a diet looks like this





=> WEIGH MORE than when you started

This is the Yo-Yo-Effect, my friends. Yo-Yo is a real *****…

Do you want to know how to prevent the Yo-Yo-Effect?

screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-07-11-22BIG FATLOSS SECRET NUMBER 2: PROTEIN

Protein is the missing ingredient in your fatloss cocktail.

Eating enough protein for your body is what makes your body lose FAT instead of WEIGHT.

Fat is icky yellow stuff, making your belly look mushy. Too much fat is preventing you from wearing a tight shirt or dress. You don't want that.

You DO, however, want muscle on your body.

Muscle is what makes you look toned and sexy! (For the women: building muscle does not make you look like a bodybuilder, trust me. More on this later.)

Less fat + more muscle = smaller dress size

Are you going for that toned, lean look? Eat protein.

Do you want to refuel after your workouts? Eat protein.

Are you hungry all the time? Eat protein.

Do you want to make sure you're eating enough for your body? Eat protein.

Is your body not changing? Eat protein.


Have I made my point yet?

Learn to love protein.


The right combination of

  • creating a deficit
  • eating enough protein

is what is going to make you Lose Fat Fast. I promise. (pinkyswear!)

“Ok, Amy. This kind of makes sense. How do I know how much protein I need? What is protein? How do I know where I can find protein? Which proteinsources are best for Fast Fatloss?”

I will answer these questions in the following articles and videos asap.

Talk soon!

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