New Year, New Same Goals

Did you reach your goals last year? The year before?

Let me tell you a little secret… simply saying we are going to do something once, isn’t enough to make our dreams come true.

If we truly want to reach our goals, we have to dig deeper.

Step 1: What are your 3 main goals?

This is obvious. What do you want to achieve? Be specific.

Don’t say ‘lose weight’. Write down how much weight or exactly how you want to feel. Myself and many of my clients describe this as ‘feeling light when I wake up‘ because not all of us care about the scale. You could even specify what kind of clothes you would like to be able to wear.

If you run a business and want more clients, say ‘I want x amount of clients from that date onwards and increase by x new clients per month‘.

Step 1 Summary: be specific and write down your 3 main goals.

Step 2: Why do you want to reach them?

This is very important.

You are going to write down one of your goals at the top of an empty paper and write down 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 below at the left side.

Like this:

At the ‘1’ you write down why you want to reach your goal.

And at ‘2’ you ask yourself why you want what you described at ‘1’ and so forth.


You want to complete this ‘why’ 7 times until you get to the root of your feelings.

Why does your goal truly matter? (Read more about this later here.)

Step 2 Summary: Find out why your goal truly matters.

Step 3: What do you need to do every day/week to reach your goal?

Most people stop at step 1. Or to be honest: they don’t even complete step 1 because they don’t write down their goal. (Don’t be like that!)

This last step is immensely important. You have already defined ‘where you want to go‘ and you have discovered why you want to go there.

Now, how are you going to get to your goal?

If your goal is to lose x centimeters around your belly, you might need to list what your daily food intake will be and what your weekly gym routine will look like. If you’re feeling lost, you might even want to contact a coach first (hi!!).

Example Action Steps to lose x centimeters by April:

  • Daily Action Step: Eat 3 whole meals a day with 30 grams of protein without snacking
  • Daily Action Step: Drink 2L water before arriving home at night
  • Weekly: Be at the gym 3 times per week for 45 minutes
  • Weekly: Check in with coach

Step 3 Summary: Write down weekly and daily action steps per goal

Your Roadmap to success

If you repeat step 1 to 3 for your goals, you will have a clear roadmap to success.

If you neglect to think about the actions you need to take in order to reach your goals, reaching your goal becomes impossible.

Are you ready to make your new goals stick?

Put down your phone and grab a piece of paper and start writing. If you start now, you will have a headstart on the rest of the world.

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