I grew up with 3 brothers in a family of crazies ?

We used to sit together for hours after dinner, and lots of enthusiastic ideas would come up about ‘businesses' we could create.

We grew up discussing ideas. We grew up learning that any idea, however bizarre, was worth exploring. We grew up believing in ourself.

Our parents taught us we are capable of achieving whatever we want.

What does that have to do with my writing you now?

The amazing belief our parents instilled in me and my 3 brothers boils down to this: you are smart, capable and in control of your own life.

control your destiny.

You want to move abroad?

Do it. You will find a way to make it happen.

You want to achieve your dream-physique?

Awesome, you can do it, if you work hard for it.

You want to start coaching people out of a made-up gym above the garage without any experience in coaching whatsoever?

Sure, you can become a great coach and help tons of people.

This brings me to the message I want to share with you today: if you want to change your life, or do something no one else believes in besides yourself, just do it.

You, and you alone, have the power to make your life happen.

It's all yours.

That means it's your responsibility, your journey and your success.

It all starts with believing you can – and that's up to you.

As always,

Remember to Lift Your Life and enjoy your day,