When we are forced out of our own power, we end up in a place of misalignment.

A place of abandonment.


How did we get there, though?

Have we abandoned ourselves?

Have others pushed us out of our center of power?

Have we ever even been in a place of full alignment?


Through years of getting coached and practicing self-awareness, I have learned that whatever happens… you can always find your way back to your center. Because it is there.


The fire that is within you, never stills. No matter how bad you feel, how disappointed you are or how much grief constricts your heart – the fire is there.


In order for you to fully embrace your fire, you need to do a few things.

You need full ownership of your own life. That means 100% responsibility and zero self-pity. Forgive yourself for disappointments.

Get yourself to a place of neutrality by letting go of the anger and shame you feel towards yourself.

Forgive, because self-trust comes forward from a place of self-ownership and kindness.


Forgive, and then change the cycle of the past.


If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.


So this time around, we are trying something different.


We are going to stop apologizing for our bodies.

We are going to stop making ourselves smaller.


We are not ‘worth less’ because our body is bigger. We are not ‘worth less’ because we don’t have a perfect relationship. We are not ‘worth less’ because we don’t look perfectly groomed or have a 7-figure business.


You are worthy.



You are worthy, no matter what physical or mental state you are in.


Pick up your iPhone and go to the folder where all images with your face are selected. Scroll through that folder. How many images do you recognize where you know how insecure you were feeling?


In those instances, when those pictures were taken… were you feeling fat? Unworthy? Out of place?


Unfortunately, more often than not our response to that is ‘more photos than not’. Although, when you look back, you see two things:

  1. Objectively, you looked perfectly fine.

  2. You were able to fool the world looking happy, even though your uncomfortableness was gnawing at you.


Which begs to differ: why are you still allowing yourself to feel ‘less than’ right now?


From a place of self-awareness can grow self-trust.

When you trust yourself, you can grow into your full self.


Stop apologizing for your body.

Stop trying to make yourself ‘fit’ other people’s (and your own) ideals.

You don’t need to fit anything.

Step into your own power.

Realize that your life is yours to take, yours to live and yours to win.