Recently, I named this thing ‘habit hacking'.

I talked about it in my newsletter last sunday.

However, *Willpower Hacking* is probably more appropriate!


2 Things are necessary to hack yourself:

  1. Know yourself
  2. Analyze existing habits


Let's say you want to get started working out. Your motivation is skyhigh.

The weather is nice, so you put on your running shoes and go outside.

Your yogamat gets to see the daylight again.

That's a great start, you're exercising! Feels good, right?

But it's not easy.

Work, life and social events get in the way – so how do you ensure this new thing actually gets done?

Find one habit you are already doing – and then add a new one to itbed-sleep

What do you do every single day?

Get out of bed. Go to toilet. Brush teeth. Make coffee (if you don't – you're weird).

While you're waiting for your coffee: do 5 squats!

I've recently realized I spend an inordinate amount of time catching up with comments on instagram, or scrolling through my feed while still in bed (bad habit, I know).

phone-socialI decided to stop doing this and instead start walking while I get my ‘social media fix‘. (Even better would be to ignore my phone the first hours of my day – but hey, nobody's perfect).


Tried and testedalarmclock

You have no time in the morning, so you plan to workout after work.

Are you going to drive home, get your gymbag, get dressed and then get to the gym?

Unfortunately, your house is cosy and your gym is not.

When you've had a long workday and you see your couch or kitchen… it's going to cost you A LOT of willpower to get outside again. Especially when it's dark out.

Willpower fix?bag

Skip the effort! Take some time the night before to get your gymbag ready. Make sure everything is in there! Shoes, headphones, towel, bottle of water…

Completely eliminate thinking about it. I might sound cuckoo and like your mom, telling you to get your schoolbag ready – but this stuff works. My clients and I experience it daily.


Next trick?

Do not think.

Don't start doubting yourself.

  • “Should I go?”
  • “But I need to do grocery shopping”
  • “I could also do it tomorrow and go to bed early tonight…”


=> If you recognize these thoughts – stop yourself! Your mind is playing a trick on you. You've already decided you're going – stop thinking about it.

It's a fact.jump

Done working? Gymbag in the passenger seat. Drive to gym. Walk in. Be awesome.

All you need to do is get inside, even if it's just for 20 minutes.

Once you're inside, you'll start to feel better.

Seeing the people around you crush it, is a motivation to get your sweat on.


Food hack?pasta

Different habit hack: When there is still food on the table after you've finished eating… it's easy to eat more food.

Do you do that? Awesome, I do too.

But I've realized it's more a convenience thing than a hunger issue. If the food isn't there, I'm not tempted and feel quite satisfied with my dinner.

The trick here? Remove leftovers out of sight. Have a one-plate meal.

There are countless things to hack, and you know a lot of them:

  • Is your phone your alarmclock? Place it at the other side of your room – you will HAVE to get out of bed to turn it off. By that time, you're up and ready to go.
  • Cookie addict? Don't buy them. Oldest trick in the book. Sometimes you have a weak moment and *accidentally* eat the box of cookies. If it's not there however, you have to put in a lot more effort to go and get it. Easy hack.
  • Put a bottle of water on your desk. When you see the bottle, you'll drink more water.


Blablabla, Amy, you're saying obvious things. I have my own stuff I need to take care of  and my life is really busy and I have two little kids yelling at me.

I hear you – every person and situation is different.

What you do exactly is not important – it's important to realize what you're already doing.

What are you already doing that can be hacked?

Action steps:

Look for one habit you already do (coffee)

Add your new, easy habit (squat)

For me it's the ‘social media walking', as well as knowing I need to get my workout in immediately after my last client. If I start doing other stuff, I get distracted and other priorities pop up… There's always more to take care of – and then I don't workout 🙂


Which hack are you using or realizing just now? Share in the comments below so we can all benefit!

Hope you enjoyed the read 🙂

To your success and remember to Lift your Life!