Should you wait until you lose 5kgs as motivation to get skinnier, faster?


What I love:

  • Watching an elegant, sexy woman walk through the door like she owns the entire room.
  • A man who orders his drink with utter confidence, exuding this vibe of ‘Yeah, look at me. I got this.‘.

My point?

After coaching hundreds of clients, I learned a loooong time ago just how ridiculous it is to get up every morning to huff and puff ourselves into pants that don't fit well.

A sweater that's too short.

A jacket that's too tight.

It doesn't work. It makes us feel annoyed and sad and frustrated with our body.

Unnecessary bad vibes, in my opinion.

Do you know what does work?

  1. Go to the store, buy clothes that fit beautifully (ask for help, look up which clothes fit your body type yes/no) and are comfortable to wear
  2. Rock those clothes
  3. Exude confidence
  4. Feel way better about yourself and your surroundings
  5. Obsess less about food because you feel amazing
  6. Lose ‘excess' (emotional) weight without thinking about it


Because… no one has what you have. You have a unique appearance and energy. You can show that off wherever you are, just by owning the moment.

It's all about your vibe, baby. So make yourself feel good right now, instead of holding off on treating yourself like you deserve. Make it work right now, and ‘worst case scenario' (when this works), you will have to buy new clothes AGAIN in a couple of months. 😉

And as always, remember to LiftYourLife 😉