Overeating: the cycle of restrict and binge

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[Enjoy Guilt-Free Holidays – Part 3/5]

Why do you overeat?

It’s not always an exact science. Your environment plays a role and things sometimes just happen.

But more often than not, overeating comes from a place of restriction.

Do you recognize this?

The cycle of restrict and binge goes a little something like this bitmoji story…

?Bitmoji-1: IDEA -> “I will restrict my calorie/food intake so I will lose weight really really fast. After all, if I eat very little then my fat will fly off, right?

?Bitmoji-2 “this is great, if I eat salad, that’s almost no calories & it will just fly off! Or maybe I could just limit my intake to 900 cal a day? Or fast until dinner?”

❌Bitmoji-3 is REALLY HANGRY. Like superhangry & sex drive is low & basically just doesn’t even feel like going out “because what the f*ck, then I’ll just have to see all these people enjoying themselves and damnn I want a glass of wine.”

?Bitmoji-4 “Ugggh, FOODBABY – but ok, I’ll be more strict starting tomorrow!”

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