It's not what you expect!

Clients, friends and family ask me this all the time. The question makes me both happy and anxious.

Why happy? Because I know the magical solution that will change their life.

Why anxious? Because I'm going to have to explain this and they will stare at me with a look that says “Amy, this is not exciting or fun at all”.

Here goes. Don't give me the look please.

Are you ready to lose fat?

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The Number 1 Magical Fatloss Exercise: Write down what you eat and drink

1518271“Wait – Amy – what now?? What do you mean? Really??!”

Write down what you eat and drink. This includes your coffee with skimmed milk in the morning, and the apple you eat at 4 o'clock. Yup, it also means you need to weigh the food you're putting in your mouth.

“Are you crazy? – I'm not going to weigh my food.”

So you don't want to lose fat?

“Ummm, no, yes, I really do but… Pff, I'm just tired of feeling like this.”

I understand. I'm on your side, I want to help you lose fat. Do you trust me on this?

“Uhhh, I dunno, I mean, yea, I want to.”

Ok, nice! We are in this together. I understand you feel like it's a hassle and you would prefer a quick fix. If there were ONE – I would give it to you, because I care about you. Hell, I don't even like telling you you need to do this!

But how bad is it really? If this is what helps you reach your goals? Just write down what you eat and drink. Use the (digital) kitchenscale to write down the exact amounts. (If you don't have one – go buy one today or order it online! So easy!)

Let's do this

Ok Amy – But what do I do exactly?img_4497

Use your phone or a notebook as your daily food & drink journal. You probably always have your phone on you, which makes it really easy.

“Can I use an app on my phone? My friend told me about this special app she's been using – and it's already installed!”

Of course you can! My favorite app is myfitnesspal – because I'm used to using it. You can choose whichever one you like.

The most important thing is you start logging everything that goes into your mouth.

Sidenote for apps: when you enter information, make sure the food quantities in the app are weighed off and not ‘cup'sizes. It's much more accurate when you weigh your food, this will get you a WAY better view of your food intake.

Other sidenote: I will tell you more about the nutrition information in those apps later. For now, just start logging what you eat and drink. 

coffee-and-cookieHold on – I started reading this article because I wanted a weightloss exercise. Now you're telling me to write down what I eat.

Haha, yup. Got ya there didn't I!

Seriously though. If you track what you eat, you know how many calories you are consuming. Tracking also makes you very aware of what you're doing. You will probably start eating less, without putting in a lot of effort.

If you want to become a real pro at this and understand why we are tracking your food – read the next paragraph.

Why do I need to track my food in order to lose fat?fullsizerender-9

Every day,

  • your body burns calories = output
  • you eat (and drink) calories = input

What we want to do is make sure you eat (+ drink) less than you burn.

On a daily basis: input < output.

When your input is smaller than your output, your body is ‘putting out' more energy than it is getting in return.

piggyIt's like spending more money than what you are making at your job
. You are literally spending more energy on a daily basis than what you are eating.

Important: The difference between what you are spending and eating/drinking, is called your deficit.

The deficit is your new best friend. Why? He will help you lose fat!

If you give me any diet book – any at all – I can tell you what it's about and why it works, before I've even opened the book. Seriously.

You are giving me that weird look again, aren't you?img_4513


I'll lay it out for you:

  • By going on a diet, you adjust your food intake.
  • By adjusting your food intake, you create a deficit.
  • By creating a deficit, your body is able to lose fat.

Mystery solved.

You wanted to know about the best exercise to lose fat?img_4515

  • Write down what you eat and drink consistently for 2 weeks.

2 Things will happen when you do this:

  1. You lose weight because you eat and drink less than before
  2. You figure out how many calories you consume every day

This all might sound like a hassle in the beginning – but I promise you, once you get the hang of it, your fatloss is really going to kick off! 

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