Life has taught me one important thing about success.









I've seen it many times.

I've experienced it myself.

It's what makes my clients so successful.

It's the differentiator between successful people and not-so-successful people.

There is one habit that will get you success in life.

It's not smarts, your family or your school.

How can you get whatever you want in life?

Really simple.

Keep going.failure

Fall down?

Stand up again.


Fail again.

Whatever you do…

Never, ever, EVER give up.


The people who inspire me all have one thing in common.

It's not a high IQ or the ability to read fast.

They keep going. Keep working. Keep trying. Keep adjusting.

You have to keep going.

I am not saying this is easy.

At times, you will hit a rough patch. It will suck and you will feel alone. You will feel like you're not getting anywhere.

When you reach that point, stop and take a step back.

Look at where you are.

Where were you 5 years ago? How have you grown?


Step by step, day by day, you are reaching milestones. You are laying the foundation to an awesome life.

You are working hard to reach your goals.

You make it happen.

You keep grinding, even when it's not easy.

The breakthrough

It's never the ‘one big thing' that gets you anywhere. It's every small thing you do that adds up.

Every morning, you wake up and you decide to crush it.

You have an idea and you execute on it.

It's not sexy. No one cares about your late nights at your desk.

But I can tell you… It's the one thing I admire in people above all else.

Work ethic.

The ability to work hard.


And I don't just mean in business, in relationships as well.

Ever been in a relationship? It's not easy.

There will be roadbumps. You have to fight to make it work.

Ever started a fatloss journey? It's not easy.

You start out all enthusiastic, but there will be moments where you mess up.

It's up to you.

What do you do after you mess up?


You. Keep. Going.

You keep trying.

You go and fight for whatever the hell it is you want.

Because you owe it to yourself.

You owe it to yourself to do everything you can, to get what you want.

You deserve to succeed in life.

Go get it, tiger.

To your success,


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